RHA T10i In-Ear Headphones

My love for RHA T10i in-ear headphones

To me, music comes best when I hear it through my headphones. I have this love for headphones that I tend to try every one that comes new on the market. The first pair I had, I thought were good. However, they had a certain feeling of heaviness that I did not like. In other words, I felt they were brutal on me. The second pair were stylish, quite affordable, and lighter than the first one. In short, the pair was better and fashionable. You know at this point, I thought I had it all. Then came RHA T10i in-ear headphones and I realized I was so wrong to settle at my second. Having RHA T10i in-ear headphones is an indispensable necessity for any lover of music. Below, I share my experience and views on the RHA T10i headphones.

How they sound

I wouldn’t spend money on something just because it’s available on the market, I love good music, music with the exactness of sound, and I found this in RHA T10i in-ear headphones. To be honest, they sound terrific. Mostly, I love the precision and attention to detail that they embody. My world of music has been transformed with the high level of accuracy and exactness that these headphones come with. The first two headphone that I used to enjoy, were somewhat okay. However, I had limited flexibility and control over frequency resonance customization. Now, I have found such flexibility in T10i due to its turning filler system that gives me the freedom to customize the frequency response.

How they rank on the comfort scale

Comfort is subjective. Overall, I can say I have found them light, in terms of sound: they are terrific to me. In fact, that is why I acquired them. For instance, T10i offers a comfortable and secure fit that goes beyond isolating me from the outside world to ensuring my tunes are looked in. No leakages just total satisfaction. Appearance is striking too. Thus, on an average scale, T10i earphones are about the most comfortable I have ever had. However some aspects of RHA T10i in-ear headphones are worth reconsidering. Subjectively, to me, they have a vague feeling. Cold to touch and somewhat heavy still. Sometimes I tend to think I am installing a well-customized missile into my ears. More so, they felt big in my ears especially at the first time in addition to fiddly feeling at first that graduated to oddly loose after a couple of days. In addition to that, their cables are loose mechanically in other words, to me, they didn’t strike as that tight.

Why I enjoy using them

First, I have this strong feeling that they were engineered specifically for me. They deliver a natural and balanced sound signature and with mo leakages and ultimate isolation from the external world, makes the sonic performance immersive. Second, I use them as my training motivator. They deliver instructions to me from the “work out store” with exactness and clarity. Third, they are comfortable to use. For example, with a cable running over and behind the ear, the earphones are held in position. Lastly, over –ear hooks offer a more comfortable and secure fit in addition to delivering effective noise isolation.

For those seeking a more” true to the word” headphones, giving RHA T10i in-ear headphones a try is a consideration worth looking at. Finally I am no expert but from my experience with headphones, I must confess RHA T10i should be considered a revolution when it comes to the portable headphones’ market.


Some Internet Marketing Strategies That I Like

There are a number of internet marketing strategies being adopted by businesses today. But you need to choose those that suit your specific niche. A few of these strategies I like have been given here.

Web design is an important part of any marketing strategy. Your site design has to get well with the content on it. It should be able to convey exactly what you want it to.

SEO will always remain as one of the most important internet marketing strategies. Everybody wants their site to feature high on the search engine rankings. White hat practices must be adopted to achieve this or else there is a high chance of getting blacklisted by Google and such other search engines. Thus articles can be written and submitted to various article directories.

You must have your own blog too. Just having a blog is not enough. ensure that there is a comment thread to. This will ensure that people visit your blog, read and make comments as well as wait for the next entry. This will be possible if you provide good content that adds value to the reader. Hence content will be the key here.

E-mail marketing is important too. Design your e-mails with care. No one has time today to go through a lot of text. Make your e-mails interesting, short and easy to read. They should be able to instil a feeling of curiosity in the reader who would then like to visit the site in order to get more information. Mass e-mail marketing does not help. Soon such e-mails would be sent to the spam folder. Hence filter your data base. Choose your prospects with care. Now target them with caution. Bombarding your prospects with e-mails will do more harm than good.

Depending on the niche you are in, you may organize contests and provide free give-aways. This would entice people to visit your site more often. Higher footfalls will lead to higher sales eventually. Contests are an effective way to make a site more popular.

You can try out affiliate marketing, reseller and such other options. These are highly effective internet marketing strategies that are mutually beneficial.

You may even publish online PR reports to let people know about your new products and services, or any modifications in the existing ones. This is an effective way to give information about what you offer. So choose the strategies that best suit your niche.

The iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is here!Apple iPhone 6 is here with us in 2015. Why do I actually like it? Well, we are in the era where digital marketing technology is the ruler, and I have to stay intact in the mind of my clients to generate a large pool of sales. With iPhone 6, Apple has created something entirely new – iPhone 6 addresses some important issues including improved battery, a sound processor, modern design and an improved camera. The gadget has a comparatively big screen and fits well in my hands. The power of its screen makes it very attractive to me.

When it comes to pricing issues, I find iPhone gadgets to be the most expensive in the market but are of high quality. The newly released iPhone 6 has an improved design just as I was expecting. The gadget is among the sleekest and thinnest handsets.The powerful phone comes with a back housing a premium metal. I feel great to hold the 6.9mm slim device. The bottom and top of the handset have large plastic strips. There is an improved performance measure, and the design supports my comfort zone. The location of the power button to the right of the handset.

Apple has not compromised with camera quality. The gadget’s design shows a camera that protrudes slightly from the rear of the phone. The headphone port is at the bottom. Apple iPhone 6 is an iconic handset currently in the market. It is a beautiful handset and for the price, I am expecting nothing less in its performance. My iPhone 6 has the weight of 129gm, screen resolution of 1334 by 750, a 4.7 inch screen and HD pixels per inch of 426 PPI. It has 8 Mega Pixels autofocus technology camera, solid state memory of 128GB, three times faster internet connection, a longer battery life, iOS 8 operating system and Apple’s latest A8 processor.

I also get to enjoy a mobile payment solution called Apple Pay. It a contactless payment technology that enables me to make my payments with the iPhone. I only have to provide my debit and credit card details into the Passbook, and they will be securely stored.My iPhone 6 uses near field communications (NFC). I hold it near the contactless reader in stores and banks with my finger on the screen’s Touch ID icon. I can also utilize the Apple Pay within apps on the gadget that has enabled iPads that allow me to check out by placing my finger on Touch ID.

My Apple iPhone 6 has more locked environment or a much secured operating system. Developers have a limited access to what the app can do thereby making the iPhone clear of most viruses. I get to enjoy a huge number of Apps on this gadget. Many app developers do not release new products on iOS prior to launching it on Windows Phone and Android device. It means that my iPhone 6 has more apps available than on any other smartphone type.

The iPhone 6 is the ideal device and a reliable technology smartphone. In short the iPhone is an excellent device, stable, many available apps and does not require comparison to other devices. That is why I find this technology to be useful and very attractive.

America’s Giant Technology – Big Players Under Scrutiny

tech giants under investigation

Many of America’s big-name technology companies, including Google, Facebook, and Apple, have been increasingly targeted by antitrust officials over in Europe. Unlike in America, where these giants have not really had to deal too much with legislation regarding privacy policies or how users’ online data is used, Europe seems to be taking a different stance. Those agreeing with Europe’s stance claim that these investigations need to proceed in order to limit the rate at which a small number of corporations can control a very large share of the world market. Those on the other side disagree with this argument, and claim this is Europe’s attempt at promoting it’s own technology companies which happen to be located domestically, and as of right now have been having difficulty competing with those in the United States.

I happen to take a stance somewhere in the middle. I do not believe that we should be limiting corporations just out of purely to gain a perceived tactical advantage. I do believe that companies as large and powerful such as these do need some sort of rules and regulations to follow, especially when it comes to data that may be personally identifiable. Big tech companies in America have pretty much cornered the market, and the users of their product, whether it be a website, a service, or piece of hardware, do not really have much say as to how this personally relevant data that is collected can be used. Whether it is buried somewhere in fine text in their 200 page terms of service, or it plainly not even being stated, most people do not really have a choice when it comes to using or not using their products.

Internet is almost a necessity, and although if we disagree with any polices that these tech giants have stated and set forth we can just choose not to use their service, it is almost not very realistic to go about handling it in such a way. Its as if car companies started collecting all sorts of data on drivers (where they drive, when they drive, who they drove with, how they acted in the car, what music they played, how fast it took to accelerate, etc.), and offered no alternative other than “don’t use our product”. Unless you are living in a busy city, cars are pretty much required to be normally productive citizens. It is the same with most of this technology.

No longer do people write letters in the mail, we now instead hop on Facebook or our Gmail account and communicate. The great majority of people choose this, and so it would be hard to try and persuade others to go back to snail-mail. I understand many of these services are offered to us for free, but are they really? They collect vast amounts of data that is often sold and analyzed by super-computers in which the results are then sold again to more companies. This information is very valuable for big companies.

It is used to analyze trends in the population, which influences what these companies will choose to manufacture and sell. Every time you visit a website, the advertisements are tailored exclusively toward you, based on the information that they have collected from you through location, history, cookies, and flash cookies (which are not deleted even when you “clear” your normal cookies), etc. This information is extremely powerful for any handful of corporations to possess, enabling them to predict, and essentially control to a certain degree, human behavior.